It was a clear summer afternoon.This juvenile Bengal monitor lizard(Varanus bengalensis)was waiting outside its hideout which was under the “tin” rooftop made in between the gap of bricks ย of a thick wall.
It waited for some half an hour before it went back to its hide out, as a pair of magpie-robin was continuously disturbing it by poking on its tail and flying around in close proximity by making sharp calls. The lizard being an “inexperienced” hunter had to resume back.
This family of monitor lizard (mother and two juveniles) have been feasting on the birds egg which had their nest on the tree branches near to the rooftop and also on the human produced garbage which was being dumped nearby.
These lizards by nature are quite shy and avoid humans, and are non-venomous.



9 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boo

  1. Really educative. Most people have misconceptions about reptiles and would almost immediately kill one at sight. What we lack knowledge about is what we ultimately fear.. Good job. #createawareness


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