P1080300.JPGA scream came from the parking area of the hostel. Me and my two other friends were coming back after dinner, we went there and what we see was a green rope like thing entangled between the spokes of the cycle which was a Green vine snake(Ahaetulla nasuta ). We couldn’t let it be like that as people were scared and so is the snake.
We took the snake safely into our rescue bag which was  made of cotton cloth and we thought of releasing it next morning.
Next morning while releasing it I thought of taking pictures of it and I was using flash as it was cloudy day. But it was a wrong decision and it got stressed out by this action and hence it tried puffed out the body and showing the white black scale marking. This signals actually means it is in stress and ready to attack.
This species of snake mostly stays on tree branches and feeds on frogs, small reptiles and other small invertebrates. They are mildly venomous, hence not fatal to humans.



7 thoughts on “DON’T CLICK MY PICTURE

  1. Arka da, blog ta darun. besically chobi-r blog, but amar mone hoye, if u can increase the contectr a bit more along with a few more interesting points about these animals, tomar blog would become more broad!!
    otherwise, khoob bhalo. 😀


  2. nice info bro ,sort & simple. our university is full of diversity with student , insects , animal.We felt this kind of amuzing expeirence those days.😝😛😜


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