Who is that stranger!!

It was about 11:30 at night, almost  all the students were back to their rooms. I got a call from one my junior, Abhijit that he sighted a snake but couldn’t identify it and it was inside hostel premises.
So i decided to visit the spit with one of my friend , Aristo. We went there to see a small 2ft long snake coiled in between the hinge of a the gat and it was a common Krait(Bungarus caeruleus).
We then tried to uncoil and slowly remove the snake from there we the help of snake hook. After getting it uncoiled, without any mistake we made sure to get it into a proper cloth back.
We took it back to safe place and thought of taking pictures before releasing it into the wild.
We saw it got a new skin recently so was looking quite bright in colour. I wanted to have good pictures of it scale so I tried to put a white background so I can get a shiny pictures of it scales. But this shouldn’t be practiced, it was only that we wanted to do a scientific documentation.
Later within half an hour we released it into wild again.
Common krait is a venomous snake(neurotoxic) and found in Indian Subcontinent, inflicting most snakebites on humans in India.
It is calm and docile in daytime. Mostly active during night and get aggressive when threatened.



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