Clue of the King

It was quite a hectic morning schedule as we went trekking 6 km into the forest.  After having sumptuous  lunch, everyone was chilling out . Two of my classmates were sitting on the stairs which led to a river just behind the forest guest house were we stayed. Some of my classmates were on the rooftop.

Suddenly, Deepak (guy sitting on the stairs as mentioned) screamed to Caleb (another friend who was there on the roof top)that he had found something interesting.(I should mention Caleb is interested in reptiles). During this moment I was in deep sleep not aware of what was happening.

After some reason Caleb came running into the room and asking for a camera, by then I had woke up realizing something interesting has been going on and I shouldn’t miss it.

When I went down with Caleb to see what has happened I was astonished. It was the skin of a king cobra(Ophiophagus hannah) . It was hanging down from the tree branch besides the river bank. We then took the skin out from the there and laid it on the rocks to get the measurement of it. It was an awesome 10.5 ft long skin!!!

That time we realized , there is somewhere a king cobra around the guest house but because our luck we were not able to see it.

King cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake and can grow up to size of 18ft!! They are diurnal , but are mostly found during day time. Found in east and sout east Asia. The venom is mostly neurotoxin. They generally tend to avoid confrontation but when threatened they get aggressive.P1120566.JPG

Location : Silent Valley National Park, Kerala     Date : Nov’15


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