Help me I am injured!!!

That day my cycle was sent for repairing and I had to walk back to the hostel from the main gate of our university. It was a long walk which is approxly 3.5 km.

After walking for a kilometre or so I saw in the middle of the road something like yellowish ribbon was lying. I walked towarads it to find out and discovered it was a Russell’s viper(Daboia ruselii). One of the big four venomous snakes to be found in India.

The tail of the snake was injured. I took it carefully into a cloth bag with proper safety measures. I brought it to my room for that night and tried to clean it’s wounds. Being injured it was not at all aggressive. The very next day in the evening I released to the nearby shrubland which was near to the point from where I had found it last night.

Russell’s viper as mentioned earlier is one of the big four venomous snakes to be found in India ( other members include cobra , krait and saw scaled viper). These snakes are quite common in peninsular India. They can be found in open grasslands and shrublands.

They are generally bit sluggish though the juveniles are active. Mostly active during the night. They possess the pit organ in front of their face which help them to sense thermal cues like pit viper.

Location : Pondicherry                           Date: August’15


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