The threat pose

It was quite February afternoon, the kids were playing cricket in the field which as on side of small patch of forested area. There were also a some small trees on the field were the crickets were playing. Me and my two other friends was siting on the side of field watching the game.

Suddenly something rope like hung down from the tree when the cricket ball hit one of those trees on the field. one of the child shouted out asking for help. We went to there see what was the reason and the reply to the curiosity was a snake. It was a Spectacled cobra(Naja naja).

We then removed the kids from that area and tried to also go back a bit as the snake may comedown and can go away safely. After waiting for some 30 minutes or so the snake slowly came down from the tree , moved through the lush green grasses and went inside into the small forest patch. I tried to get hold of some pictures while it went on its way inside the forest.

Spectacled cobra also known as Indian cobra is found all throughout India, it is one of the big four venomous snakes to be found in India. They can grow of size up to 7ft . Mostly found in near water embankments , small dens , rock piles.The venom of this snake is mostly neurotoxic. When threatened they usually expand their hood, which is quite distinct.P1140138.JPG


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