Can you see me??!!

“Hey stop!! Look down” told one of my friend while we talked down on a trail in our campus.

It was clear Sunday morning around 10 am we had just finished our birding session for the day and was returning back to our hostel. While we were returning back to our hostel walking down the the trail  with our cycles suddenly my friend Aristo saw something crawling in the middle of the sandy trail.

We looked down and saw it was tiny little scorpion which almost seemed like a small ant from the normal human height. It was so tiny that we were not able to touch it with our fingers so I took out my small forceps to the rescue.

One of the leg of the scorpion was crushed a bit, seemed someone had previously walked over it. It was so small that it hardly sized to 10 mm.

The name of the scorpion is Charmus brignoli,  it was one of the rarest scorpions found in India among 120 species reported. These scorpions have golden coloured small hairs on the tail.They are found generally inside loose mud and rock boulders. They are nocturnal but to our amaze we found it during the daytime which might be due to any kind of distrubance.


Location : Pondicherry      Date: October’15


4 thoughts on “Can you see me??!!

  1. Great…pity you do not state the approximate location…suggest you do that…not the exact location but the general area…would help people to relate to your articles, I think…


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