The careful mother

It was just after the dinner that I thought of going out for a walk. It was around 10 o’clock in my watch, and it was quite hot and humid.  While walking around,  I saw two boys were playing with something. Well at first instance I didn’t care about that and walked past them, while suddenly one of them called me “Hey, you are in Ecology dept, right?”. I replied them that yes I am, so they shouted again ” Hey then take look at this tiny creature, must be of your interest.” As I went close to them , I saw that they were actually fooling around with a small scorpion which somehow looked a bit unhealthy to me.  So I took the scorpion in a small jar which I always had with me to deal with such circumstances.

I took the scorpion to my room, for few days and gave it proper food and took proper care. When after 5 days, I saw small  tiny baby scorpions are given birth by this scorpion. So then I realized that it was pregnant and i didn’t expect that. Well I was amazed to see that event, I felt really lucky that I did something good for the small animal.

The scorpion belonged to genus of Buthoscropio sp. , we weren’t able to figure out the exact species though.  The generally tend to be of average size around 15-18mm in length. They move around after dusk , just like other scorpions. They are not known to be poisonous or to cause any kind of fatality to humans. They try to cover their body with their fat tail when disturbed by any external factors.

So for few days around almost for a week I took care of the mother and its offsprings. Thereafter i released them into their habitat.

The event took place in Pondicherry University.



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