Unknown faces of the Campus

Pondicherry University is one the top ranked central universities in India. It is situated in Puducherry. The campus is spread over 850 acres of land , of which 1/2 of the land area has green cover.

I have spent 2 years of life studying in Pondicherry University, doing my masters in Ecology and environmental sciences.  In these span of two years I had some amazing encounters with the campus wildlife, which have changed my thinking as an ecologist.  From my first encounter with a snake to aspire myself for becoming a wildlife photographer it all happened here.

It was my 5th day in the campus , the day I saw a first snake in the wild. It was a small Common  trinket snake which was crossing the road. I went close, to have a good look. At that moment there were few people around, and seeing the snake they tried to kill it but I somehow managed to make them understand that it is a non-venomous snake and it wont harm anyone.


Pic 1. Common Trinket Snake

The four most venomous snakes found in India ( Spectacled Cobra, Common Krait , Russell’s Viper, Saw scaled Viper ) is also found in the campus. But there have been no casualty recorded from the campus in the last 15 years.


Pic 2. Russell’s viper

I also had my first encounter with Scorpion in this campus. The campus hosts a good arachnid diversity. The first scorpion I saw when I was coming back from the football field back towards my hostel. It was an adult scorpion belong to the genus Heterometrus.


Pic 3. Heterometrus sp.

Near about 15 species of arachnids is recorded from in and around Pondicherry University


Pic 4.  Lychas sp.

Other than this “creepy”  creatures , the university campus has almost 65 species of butterflies and near about 90 species of birds , which have been recorded over the span 5 years(2012-2017).

Birds like Yellow wattled Lapwing, Blue faced Malkhowa , Grey francolin, Common Hoopoe, Loten’s Sunbird, Barn Owl, Scops Owl are the highlights of the bird diversity in the campus.



Pic 5. Common Hoopoe

Butterflies like crimson rose, Double Branded crow and many other butterflies belonging to Lycaenidae family is the highlight of the butterfly diversity found inside the campus.

Crimson Rose.JPG

Pic 6. Crimson Rose

Pondicherry University hosts a unique set of biodiversity, if maintained properly by the university authority it will be a unique institution which has such high diversity of flora and fauna within its limited boundary.

Below are the pictures of the beautiful creatures that is found inside the campus

Peacock Pansy.JPG

Pic 7. Peacock Pansy


Pic 8. Saw Scaled Viper


Pic 9. Whip scorpion





2 thoughts on “Unknown faces of the Campus

  1. Very nice write up. I have some simple suggestions :
    i) Scientific names of every creature may be mentioned in bracket.
    ii) It’s family/phylum mentioning may be considered.
    iii) Picture of Saw scaled Viper and Whip scorpion may be placed where the description written actually.
    Over all a very good effort.


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